Pulse Pulse: 5/26-6/4/2017 - Page 6

Culture: Economic growth is potentially attributed to a surge in tourism, especially from Chinese tourists.

Economics: The economy has grown 3.3% from March last year, the highest growth rate in years, showing great economic optimism. The nation is also planning on expanding its budget for infrastructure, spending approximately $14 billion for industry.

Politics: Thailand remains deeply divided, prompting the government to censor speech in preparation for its 2018 general election, particularly content deemed insulting to its monarchy.

Culture: Artists in Syrian refugee camps are painting murals to give a bit of color to the barred landscapes surrounding the camps. The goal of the movement is to provide a voice for refugee children who might otherwise be disregarded or engaging in dangerous activities.

Economics: The majority of Syrian refugees who have found residence in Egypt have joined the informal sector, highly contributing to the Egyptian economy.

Politics: American warplanes in Syria attacked a pro-government convoy. After firing a warning shot with no reaction, the planes open fired, hitting at least four tanks and resulting in many civilian casualties.

Culture: Kyoto hosted the International Photography Festival, also called Kyotographie, through May 14.

Economics: Japan announced a fifth straight quarter of positive GDP growth, an encouraging sign from an economy that has been slow to recover from the 2008 Financial Crash; while a target of 2% inflation remains elusive, indicators look positive for the Japanese economy.

Politics: With news of a successful North Korean missile launch, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe openly praised President Trump's "strong" stance against North Korea.






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Liv, Bridge the Divide Ambassador

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John, Bridge the Divide Ambassador

Culture: 141 men were arrested after being accused for having a gay sex party. They are expected to face caning.

Economics: The Bank of Indonesia has advised the government on the importance of focusing on inflation control, as volatile food prices have deflated by 1.26% in April.

Politics: Indonesian authorities have released five Vietnamese vessels after a patrol boat intercepted and arrested the vessels for fishing illegally in the waters in Riau Islands.

Culture: Dreams Soar founder Shaesta Waiz, a 29-year old Afghan-American pilot, is embarking on a possibly record-breaking flight around the world. She hopes to inspire girls to love aviation.

Economics: Relations between Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia have strengthened, particularly due to a trade memorandum between Afghanistan’s Finance Minister and Saudi Arabia’s Commerce Minister.

Politics: ISIS claimed responsibility for a deadly gun and suicide bomb attack in Jalalabad, which killed at least 6 and wounded 17 on March 17.