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Culture: Last Monday, a suicide bomber caused the deaths of 19 concertgoers in Manchester, UK, causing an increased call for the eradication of terrorism.

Economics: Prosecutors in Germany added Volkswagen president Mathias Müller to a list of suspects involved in an emissions-cheating affair, ruining the company’s goal of returning to the top of the automobile industry.

Politics: In the US, a court ordered better treatment for Native American students in South Dakota. During his tour in Israel, US President Trump called for peace between Israel and Palestine.


Culture: If ocean acidification continues to increase, the habitats of coral reefs will be increasingly endangered. Furthermore, hunting and fishing practices may end.

Economics: India’s solar energy tariffs are lower than the average rate of power generated by the coal-fuelled projects of India’s largest power generation utility. Lower solar electricity costs could grow the solar power industry and further development in the field.

Politics: Solar electricity is significantly more expensive to make than fossil based electricity, but in the Indian government’s auction to provide electricity for the country, two companies committed to generating solar electricity at record low prices.


Culture: Several famous artists have denounced the War on Drugs, include Jay Z who produced a video on its history. 'The War on Drugs is an Epic Fail' was released in September 2016.

Economics: In examining the War on Drugs, one must consider whether a supply-side drug war will truly reduce the quantity-or simply increase prices.

Politics: Despite arguments from advocates of Obama’s criminal justice reform, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and federal prosecutor Steven H. Cook are attempting to undo these policies. Both are eager to reinstate the national crime strategy during the height of the drug war.

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