Pulse October 2018 - Page 70

WHo says it’s Not Easy bEiNg grEEN? My cute husband and I are blessed to live out in the country, surrounded by rolling hills, majestic horses and the beautiful Kentucky bluegrass. Living in the country has given us many opportunities to go green, such as watering our plants with fresh rain water that we capture in old bourbon barrels! Recently, we discovered the many benefits of cultivating a worm farm while visiting Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Australia’s award-winning ecotourism resort. We have now cultivated our own worm farm at home and we love it! All our kitchen scraps and recycled paper now go to our worm friends in order to create fertilizer and worm tea, which we spread across acres of wildflowers. Planting our wildflowers last year was also a strategic decision—more wildflowers means less grass, reducing the amount of gasoline used to mow. We are loving it, and so are the butterflies and bees. For some, defining what it means to be “green” or “sustainable” can feel quite overwhelming. If this applies to you, take the lesson I learned from Gwinganna’s amazing organic farmer: you just have to start. Taking one baby step after another will always be easier than starting out in a sprint. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and any progress is progress. Large or small, we can all do our part to make the world a greener place—starting by listening to the great advice within these pages. The Green Spa Network provides helpful tools to begin the journey and encourages each individual to “start where you are.” Where will you start? coNNEct WitH ME oN facEbook! lynne Walker McNees —lyNNE McNEEs, isPa PrEsidENt 68 PULSE ■ October 2018