Pulse October 2018 - Page 69

PEOPLE OF ISPA Our ISPA community is full of diverse talents and inspiring stories, all working towards the same goal: a healthier world. MEET Thor Holm General Manager, Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary Vice President Board of Directors with Green Spa Network FUN FACT Thor is one of 11 children and his father was a B17 pilot in WWII. The town he grew up in was a “spa town” in its day. He was a swim wear model in the 80’s on Ft. Myers Beach. Three words to describe himself: Happy, Healthy and Free “When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny.” — BERTICE BERRY THE SCOOP l Now lives and works: in Freestone, CA l Fav Treatment: Cedar Enzyme Bath l l l Talents: Cooking, photography, singing “in that order” Born and raised: Waukesha, Wisconsin (Thor is a big Packers fan) When stressed: loves golfing and hiking INVOLVEMENT WITH GREEN SPA NETWORK “While I was aware of Green Spa Network (GSN) prior to joining Osmosis three years ago, I could not have imagined what a labor of love it would become to get involved with sustainability on a daily basis. Since our owner and founder Michael Stusser was one of the founders, it was only natural to progress into involvement in GSN. I loved the six years that I served on the ISPA board and I have been able to utilize that experience to now serve as the Vice President of the GSN Board of Directors. ‘Vital People, Vital Planet’ is more than just a catch phrase – it is an aspiration that makes me excited for each day after nearly 30 years in this industry. Never in People of ISPA the history of our planet has it been more urgent that we all take measure of how we are impacting the WANT TO SHARE YOUR STORY? future of our children and grandchildren. Waiting for Visit peopleofispa.com and click “Share your story.” We can’t wait to hear from you! the other guy to take action will not get it done.” October 2018 ■ PULSE 67