Pulse October 2018 - Page 65

The Energie Bracelet line is handcrafted from natural stone and SpaRitual’s SpaEarl Grey Oil Salve is formulated with effective crystal. Each style is designed with healing energies and messages created around color psychology Melis Accessories and stone vibrational energy. melis.com styles are available for both men 1.480.563.3523 and women and are designed to be worn together, creating positive energy, releasing negative energy and initiating change with intention. ancient ingredients including carnauba Wax, Holy Basil and Jojoba oil intentionally selected to work together to nourish, SpaRitual repair and protect. this concentrated oil salve sparitual.com melts into the skin, while the comforting scent of 1.877.772.7488 Earl grey calms the spirit. GREEN FOCUS as a brand, sparitual is passionate about safeguarding the environment, reducing waste and limiting the use of non-renewable resources. With each purchase of one of their products, consumers are making a choice that directly and positively benefits the planet. By treating each other with consciousness, compassion and care, sparitual feels their brand can be a vehicle for helping each other, our communities and the world. GREEN FOCUS melis accessories are created with positive intention and healing energies and the belief that every living thing on our planet is all connected. their products are created with recyclable or recycled materials along with 100 percent post-consumer waste tags, eco- friendly and biodegradable packing. BUZZWORTHY FACT melis accessories uses the vibrational energy from the earth in their products to promote healing and in return, they take the necessary steps to give back to the planet. they believe that when we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. TARA Spa Therapy Organic Facial Oils are formulated for specific skin types and combine pure essential oils with organic jojoba. they are an aroma-therapeutic, super vitamin supply to the skin TARA Spa Therapy Inc. and can be integrated into taralivingwellness.com 1.866.224.1391 any skin care or body treatment protocol to nourish and balance. Food for skin and soul. GREEN FOCUS an award-winning visionary and leader in green for over 25 years, tara spa therapy has provided spas with exceptional, eco-conscious products free of artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or petrochemicals. tara spa therapy honors the relationship between vital people and vital planet where personal well-being and sustainability go hand-in-hand. at tara spa therapy, they believe that what you put on the skin really does matter. BUZZWORTHY FACT Products are gender-neutral, vegan, gluten-free and nothing artificial. never. Ever. conscious intention is infused into tara. you will feel its purity. BUZZWORTHY FACT the spaEarl grey oil salve is 100 percent vegan, 100 percent nature-derived and 81 percent certified organic. H voya’s award-winning Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil is created from the purest organic ingredients. this luxury, super-hydrating body oil captures and exemplifies voya’s VOYA Products Ltd signature fragrance, citrus and the sea. voya.ie the blend of hand-harvested seaweed and 00.353.71.91.61872 organic essential oils helps to nourish and prevent the signs of aging and cellulite, while improving skin tone and elasticity. GREEN FOCUS voya believes in organic and sustainable ways of doing business and does not compromise on this ethos. they harvest wild organic seaweeds by hand, to ensure the delicate coast environment of the West of ireland is not damaged. voya products contain as many organic ingredients as possible, with a minimum of 70 percent, and they submit their products for certification by the soil association/comos standards. BUZZWORTHY FACT this product is 99.9 percent certified organic and is presented in packaging made from hand-harvested seaweed. SPECIAL PULSE ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT