Pulse October 2018 - Page 63

s P E c i a l P U L S E a dv E r t i s i n g s u P P l E m E n t going green has never been easier. From sustainable accessories and plant-based showermists to nature-inspired shea butters, salves, oils and masks, this month’s special Pulse supplement has something for everyone. Be The Good Inspirational Jewelry on Easel Back Cards are designed to display and delight. Each piece is made in Portland, oregon and comes on an easel back card made of 20 percent recycled post-consumer Be The Good waste, has a chlorine-free process and shopbethegood.com is certified by the Forest stewardship 1.503.317.7988 council. their process includes acid- free ink that is not only green, but preserves the polish and luster of their jewelry. GREEN FOCUS Be the good’s mission is to create sustainable jewelry that gives back and allows for retailers to create vignettes and visual stories through their jewelry on inspirational cards. By using easel back cards, Be the good has dimin- ished the wasteful use of plastic bags. Each Be the good collection piece is sourced globally using sustainable practices, one of the pillars of their brand’s overall mission. H Masqu’Oceane was created after four years of scientific and technical research. Bel’oceane Paris created a skin care mask based on alginate, extracted from seaweed. they named this peel-off mask the Bel’Oceane PARIS masqu’oceane. When the mask is beloceane.com applied, the alginate works as a water beloceane@pnccare.com 82.31.758.1128 dispenser. as water migrates into the skin, activators containing essential oils and plant extracts enter the skin cells with the water. they call this process “cellular activation,” and clients immediately feel its action on their skin. GREEN FOCUS dr. gabriel ruffinoni, a co-founder of Bel’oceane Paris, was always passionate about what nature can provide. as a biologist, he understood that everything humans need can be found in nature, including the active ingredients of drugs and cosmetics. BUZZWORTHY FACT masqu’oceane is made from fresh, natural ingredients harvested from marine sources in Brittany, Western France. BUZZWORTHY FACT Be the good’s easel back cards are green! choosing to use cards instead of plastic bags to distribute their jewelry is a great step towards eliminating waste. SPECIAL PULSE ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT