Pulse October 2018 - Page 59

The simple answer: no, you’re not. Being perceived and understood as a sustainable company is more important to consumers than ever before. According to a report by Nielsen in 2015, 66 percent of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands—up from 55 percent the year before. Among Millennials, that same report found that 73 percent would pay more for sustainable products. And “Brand Trust,” the belief that your brand’s sustainability efforts are authentic, influences nearly two-thirds of all consumers. Sustainability is a surefire hit. People support companies who place a priority on protecting the environment; in today’s increasingly fractious culture, doing things to help take care of the planet is one of relatively few areas of common ground left. Everyone will support it. And ultimately, sustainability marketing is just one more tool to help promote your business. And yet, only 33 percent of respondents in the most recent ISPA Snapshot Survey on Environmental Sustainability publicize their sustainability practices as part of a marketing strategy. I’ve heard from many spas who want to promote their ongoing green initiatives, but feel that they can’t do so unless they are totally green. Because they are only partially green, they say, they’ &Rg&B06֖rfb2WFVF2vB( fPWW&V6VB&RF#V'2FPGW7G'6VBB&R&RFffW&VBPF( BVVBFfRw&WvFW"77FV6"V2"f6ƗGFBW6W2v"ЧfVR7VF7FWFRFv&G0vrw&VV"&Vr&R7W7F&R0W&6VfVB'67VW'22WG&VVǐ6FfRB6VB&RFVBWFVF6G2'VBg&FRw&VBЧW&V6VBr7W7F&ƗG'BbW"'W6W7>( 6&RfVW26VFPBW"֗76"f67FFVVBFVRFB7W7F&ƗG&֗6P&֖VBW"vV'6FRF206WFrFBW76VFǒ&WG2G6VcWfW'W'6vf6G2W"vV'6FRv6VRBVFW'7FBFR'F6R`7W7F&ƗGFW"7WfVbRǐfRfWrw&VVFFfW2F( BF66VBFRvW"bW VVW2VFW"6VFr7W7FЦ&ƗGVFvRW"֗767FFVV@vFV7G&FRFW"VVW2F@vrw&VV2'FB6RFWpFR( vN( B( v( bvrw&VVFWv&R&WGFW"&RF&FRW Vff'G2FV6BWfW'7W7FW"F0w&77&G2f&bw&VV&WFrvFRBrW"7W7FW'2@7&VBF&Vvv&BbWFvWBW"VVW2gW'FW"ffVB'7&VFr( w&VVFV( "( 7W7F&ƗG6֗GFVR( BR7W&RFB&WFr26&R'Bb琧VBw&VVFFfRg&FRvWBvvVv2f6R&W6FVBb&WFpB֗&f&W6'Bb7FW&Rv2w&VV6֗GFVRFB6VFV@VVW2g&FW'FVG27&72FP&W6'BFWFWfVVBF@6VFVBf&WGbv2Fvw&VV6'&FrFV2g&WfW'6֗GFVPV&W"6RFFfRv26WFRvR&WFVBW"Vff'G2'V7W&rFBV6VVRWpvBvRBFRFVƖrW"wVW7G2&WBW"w&VVVff'G2BFV6rFVrFvw&VVBRW6VB66VFB&r7G2F𦆖vƖvBW"Vff'G2&Vv&FW72bvBW"w&VVr&7F6W0&R66VF2w&VBFf&F6rFB^( &R&7F6rvBP&V6bW"w&VVrVff'G26VFPfVFVW"v&'W"VVW>( F@7F&W"#)jT4PSp