Pulse October 2018 - Page 46

goiNg grEEN yiElds MultiPlE bENEfits (CONTINUED FROM PAgE 42) [To learn more about greening up your packaging protocols, see “Focus On: Sustainable Packaging” in this issue of Pulse.] Most companies who invest in green practices see a bottom-line effect, even if it isn’t measurable directly in sales. Some companies even enlist partners and vendors in the movement. Palmer said, “Customers with similar values gravitate towards OSEA. Luckily for us, more and more customers care about natural and organic personal care products in sustainable packaging.” Producing a line of green and environmentally-friendly products comes at a higher price, notes Kreider. “We seek out and are also sought out by those who are looking for not only unique products, but products with a purpose.” Shankara’s approach to sustainability and the bottom line is unique. According to Preziosa, it donates 100 percent of its net profits to the nonprofit International Association for Human 44 PULSE ■ October 2018 Values. “We do not consider (profit) first as it is more important to focus on what is the most conscious thinking way to run a company and create energetic products,” she said. Green efforts can also contribute greatly to employee satis- faction and retention. The Omni’s Johnston-Crum said, “Employees are absolutely engaged with our sustainability efforts” and often drive initiatives. OSEA’s Palmer also said team members have helped develop and establish key sustain- ability and regenerative policies. “Everyone here has chosen individually to live a green, healthy lifestyle. In our office, team members have initiated composting, a ban on plastic water bottles and stainless-steel straws. I love that our recycling fills up way faster than our trash!” said Palmer. “At our offices, we use energy efficient appliances and have beautiful, natural skylights. Up to 92 percent of our team- members walk, bike or opt for public transportation to