Pulse October 2018 - Page 44

Clearly, “green” values are important to most spa industry Tracey Johnston-Crum, director of public relations and companies, many of which spend millions every year to take community outreach for the Omni Grove Park Inn, in Asheville, special actions to demonstrate those values. Why? Because it North Carolina, notes that “As a brand, we practice eco- matters to customers, employees, the bottom line, and, they say, friendly initiatives in our guestrooms, changing linens and most importantly, because they sincerely want to leave the world towels by the guests’ request. Within the local flavor of a better place than they found it. When that deliber- several of our hotels, we offer a variety of ateness is organic to company processes, it feels sustainable efforts, from our Honey Bee “Most less like a burden or cost center and more like an program at the Omni Amelia Island companies who investment in long-term success, say the Plantation Resort, to our LEED Gold invest in green company leaders. certified Omni Dallas Hotel, to our “When a company lives by its ethos, stellar 86 percent recycling diversion practices see a everything else seems to fall into place,” rate at the Omni San Francisco bottom-line effect, said Palmer of OSEA. “Being green is so Hotel.” even if it isn’t much more than a philosophy; it is a way of Kreider said Makes Sense products measurable directly life for our entire team.” Kreider of Makes are 100 percent vegan/plant-based, and Sense agreed: “When we share our sustain- certified cruelty-free. “As a vegan product in sales.” ability efforts with potential customers, it makes line, we are conscientiously producing them not only want to partner with us, but hopefully products that protect our soil, conserve water, inspires them to make a positive impact too.” save energy and help to keep our air clean.” While it’s usually obvious how sustainability efforts benefit About Eminence, Timberlake said “For us, being ‘green’ has planet health, sometimes customers need to know how they been a natural (pun intended) part of our company since are benefiting, too. “Some customers complained at first that inception.” She also noted that Eminence is also a certified B our body products did not have boxes, however, once we told Corporation, which means they are “held to meet the highest them why, they really appreciated it and were thankful that we standards of environmental performance, transparency and were thinking along these lines,” said Preziosa of Shankara. accountability.” (CONTINUED ON PAgE 44) 42 PULSE ■ October 2018