Pulse October 2018 - Page 35

P: the Hippocrates Health institute has been around for over 60 years now; how has it changed, grown or developed recently? c: Hippocrates Health Institute is always evolving, while still remaining true to the core principals it was founded upon. HHI has new modalities such as energy medicine and unique mind, body and soul treatments from our renowned spa, along with a new Hippocrates Weight Loss Academy and Diabetes Program. P: i’m sure you’ve seen many success stories while working at Hippocrates Health institute. What are one or two stories that stand out? c: Mark arrived at Hippocrates Health Institute at 5’8” and weighed 290 pounds. His mobility was stunted, his diabetes was raging, and he was on blood pressure pills. His lifespan was limited. He adopted the program, and within 12 months he was off of all his medications. He lost over 100 pounds and he has been able to maintain this; he never wants to go back to the way he was. Samantha came to HHI with advanced pancreatic cancer. She was a single mom with five children. She cried and expressed how her children were everything and she did not want to die and abandon them. She adopted the lifestyle and, now at 81 years old, she is a vibrant living example of what Hippocrates represents. P: What are a few changes that a Pulse reader could take today to start improving their health? c: 1. Reduce or eliminate the dietary culprits which lead to disease, such as animal protein; dairy of all types; processed foods; chemically engineered and genetically modified foods; and heavily cooked foods. 2. Eat more organic, fresh and raw foods. 3. Find time to move, exercise and be with friends, and breathe. 4. Notch time out for rest, relaxation, contemplation, prayer and meditation. n quick quEstioNs Who is your role model? My role model is my wife, Anna Maria. She is unwavering in her passion and commitment to helping people help themselves. What is your proudest accom- plishment? That I am fulfilled in my everyday life and have never compromised my beliefs. What are your favorite hobbies? Scuba diving and skiing. How would you spend an ideal day off? Reading and research of cutting-edge science and philosophy. What are your favorite travel destinations? Jasper and Banff National Parks, and the Norwegian 67B7F&W"#)jT4P30