Pulse October 2018 - Page 33

“Our minds are the captain of our thoughts, actions and the Reality we create. We manifest our lives through our attitudes.” chemical “medicines” that are locked in sprouts are signifi- cantly more abundant than in any other food that people consume. Even the best plant-based foods when cooked are denatured: the vitamins diminish, the proteins are disturbed, and the hormones, oxygen, phytochemicals and enzymes are killed in the cooking process. What actually remains is a handful of minerals. We consider cooked varieties of food as recreational, not true sustenance to build and strengthen the body and immune system. P: Living Foods for Optimum Health was ahead of its time when it was published. What new trends or ideas have occurred since publication that were predicted by the book? What trends have surprised you? c: There is new and emerging news and research that proves that natural medicine therapies and a whole food plant-based way of eating are effective and safe protocols. On the other hand, it is unfortunate that the natural health world has been invaded by marketers who fabricate philosophies and pitch products via ghost-written books. They’re not really part of the research and haven’t experienced the real-life transforma- tions we’ve seen for well over 60 years. P: What is something that would surprise most people about the health regimen described in Living Foods for Optimum Health? c: That the four elements that are extremely important are hormones, oxygen, phytochemicals and enzymes. All are part of the Hippocrates way and locked into unheated organic foods. This heals the cells and disease, feeds our electric bodies and does not age a person like the standard western diet does. Now in our seventh decade, we have observed thousands of successes compared to any other program. October 2018 ■ PULSE 31