Pulse October 2018 - Page 32

coNvErsatioNs WitH briaN clEMENt, Ph.d., is director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, a compre- hensive wellness center based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Hippocrates Health Institute is known for its food-based approach to wellness, focusing on a diet of raw food to rejuvenate the body from within. Clement is the author of Living Food for Optimum Health, a guidebook to the Hippocrates approach first published in 1998. Born and raised in New Jersey, Clement became director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in 1987. Since then, Clement has traveled and lectured around the world and authored several books. briaN clEMENt Pulse: How would you summarize Living Foods for Optimum Health to someone who hasn’t read it? Brian Clement: Living Foods for Optimum Health is a concise guide for the reader to simply understand what we have learned and tested at the Institute now for over 60 years. As science and technology improves, we consistently remain at the cutting edge so that we afford all of our readers and participants the best options to maintain longevity and health and even to reverse maladies. Well-being is not solo or static. From the way we eat to our thoughts, each and every piece of the puzzle manifests either abundant well-being or a crippling disorder. Today, we are the sickest people on earth. In the U.S. we consume 50 percent of all of the pharma drugs produced. Yet we only make up 4 percent of the global population. We spend several times more money on healthcare than any other nation and the results are dismal. Hippocrates Health Institute has the answer, yet most people are not ready to take the essential steps required. People would rather blame their genes or bad luck for their disease and premature ageing than to give up the noxious wastes they call “food.” Everyone can do it once you have enough respect and self-love to truly want to heal. P: Living Foods for Optimum Health talks about how physical health informs mental health. How does this connection works? c: Our minds are the captain of our thoughts, actions and the reality we create. We manifest our lives through our attitudes. This is why every guest who comes to Hippocrates is offered individual and group sessions with therapists. Physical health affects mental health. What we put into our bodies for nourishment has a profound effect. We have seen it over the decades of doing what we do. We know that by changing your mind you can change your life. P: What is a living food, and what makes it different from other kinds of food? c: The difference between raw, plant-based food and living food is that a living food is literally growing at the time you consume it. These are sprouted nuts, seeds, grains and beans. As many Ivy League institutions teach, the phyto- ()AU1M+Z)=ѽȀ