Pulse October 2018 - Page 22

PulsE PoiNts 2018 ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study: In 2017, there were an estimated 1,080 new spa openings, THE SPA INDUSTRY IN THE U.S. by coliN adding 5.1 percent to the number of spas in operation. The CONTINUES TO BE IN BUOYANT FORM. The McilHENEy new spa openings were partly offset by an estimated 580 spa 2018 U.S. Spa Industry Study conducted by PwC closures over the course of 2017. The net effect was the addition highlights further strong growth in the sector. Every one of of approximately 500 spa locations during 2017 (2.4 percent). the ‘Big Five’ statistics has hit an all-time high, with revenue This showcases the growth of the industry as a whole. passing $17 billion for the first time. However, even with a record Average revenues per spa location rose to $803,000 in 2017, number of people currently employed in the industry, there are still an increase of 1.9 percent on the 2016 average of $788,000. With over 35,000 service provider positions and more than 2,500 spa average revenues now passing the benchmark $800,000 level, the director manager positions vacant across the country. The study 2017 out-turn represents a further steady advance for the re-enforces the view that this is the “biggest issue of the day.” industry. The performance of the U.S. economy is the key backdrop for More than half a million people are assessing the upward trajectory visiting U.S. spas every day. This equates of the spa industry. With to some 187 million visits in 2017. This annualized growth of 2.2 percent combination of revenues and visits trans- in the economy as a whole, the lates into a figure of revenue per visit of growth in revenue for the spa $93.70, which is up again. industry of 4.3 percent is a very The report provides an often-unseen positive sign. Total revenue now illuminating insight into the importance stands at $17.5 billion; this of gift cards for the industry. The data number has climbed for eight suggests that 83 percent of spas offer gift successive years, and total cards; the revenue generated is $1.55 industry revenues are now 43 billion (9 percent of overall revenue) and percent higher than at the 2009 equates to revenue of $86,200 per spa. downturn ($12.3 billion). In the One of the most compelling numbers in the study is the total context of other leisure segments, health and racquet club number of individuals employed in the U.S. spa industry. This revenues are at $27.1 billion, the cruise line industry is at $21.6 now stands at 372,100, which is the highest figure ever recorded. billion and the amusement and theme park industry is on a par The balance of full and part time roles is basically now at a with the spa industry. As the economy marches on with much balance of 50-50, and the number of contractors continues to higher gro Y\\[HXۙ]X\\و N \H\™X[KۙY[HXܛX[H\]^H[YH]YXY[HXۛZX۝^\YZ[ܝXX[ [[\[][Z\ۈ\%HH[\HZ[H[]\܂[HKˈ\H]X\\XܙY]H\وX[Y\›ݙ\[[[]\˂[HH[\H\\[ˈ\H\H K  \XHݚY\\H\H[ܙH\[HKˈ[][H[YH[\[[ M H\Xܜ[X[Y\\]Z\Y \B\ܞN[\[X]Y K H\X\Y[ݙ\Z[B\HX[H[]X]]\Z[[\Z[Y\\YX]8%]][\Xܙ K HY\\Y\YܙHH[[X[ܚ\\š]\X\]\ܝ[X^H[HY[[[\XB[  '\H\H[ܙH\š[HKˈ[][H[YB[\ܞN[\[X]YK H\X\Y[ݙ\Z[H][\œXܙ K HY\\Y\YܙHH[[X[ܚ\\[  'BSBؙ\ N