Pulse October 2018 - Page 17

Unlock the Potential of LinkedIn Here are five reasons why LinkedIn advertising can be a boon for your marketing efforts and expand your digital reach. 1. Grow Your Following: While posting to your LinkedIn company page is a great start, only those who already follow your page will see your posts. With LinkedIn ads, you can send your message to the masses and target by job title, industry, company size and other factors. 2. Set Your Own Budget: With LinkedIn, you can set your own budget and easily stop your ad at any time if price is a major concern. This allows companies of any size to use LinkedIn ads, no matter how big or small your budget may be. 3 . Dig into Data: Regular LinkedIn posts provide modest data like impressions and likes. With LinkedIn ads, you’re able to see much more advanced metrics that allow you to tweak your targeting and budget to maximize your results. 4. Be More Flexible: Without LinkedIn ads, you can only post in the main news feed of your followers. With LinkedIn ads, you can make a sponsored post that will appear in the news feed of all those you’re targeting, a text ad that will appear beside the news feed for desktop users, or sponsored InMail which will be sent directly to your targeted population’s LinkedIn inboxes. 5. Gain Qualified Leads: In addition to growing your following, LinkedIn advertising generates more qualified leads. On top of that, LinkedIn reports that four out of five users drive business decisions and LinkedIn’s audience has twice the buying power of the average web audience.