Pulse October 2017 - Page 66

ASK tHE ExPErt CoLIN McILHENEy By KELLy HEItz the relationship between ISPA and Pricewaterhouse Coopers goes back nearly 18 years. that’s 18 years of groundbreaking spa industry research that has come to define the industry and create standards by which spas all over the world measure and plan for success. CoLIN McILHENEy has been there every step of the way. As global research director for Pwc Research, mcIlheney has had the opportunity to work with spas and spa professionals all over the world. His dedication to the spa industry and passion for our research initiatives is unparalleled. For this month’s Ask the Expert, we dug a little deeper into what makes mcIlheney so dedicated to our industry and his thoughts on the latest record-breaking ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study. Pulse: You’ve been conducting research on behalf of the spa industry for quite a long time! What do you think is so significant about this year’s U.S. Spa Industry Study? McIlheney: What strikes me most about this year is the surge in the number of visits to spas in the U.S.—there have been 5 million more visits than a year ago—that’s a very encouraging sign. I would also highlight the emergence of millennials as THE spa going generation. What they want will drive the industry in the years to come. “I love the P: Why is research like what you do with ISPA and PwC so excitement of important to our industry? the annual ISPA M: The importance of the work Conference. delivering lies both in its longevity—we the key results are now 18 years in—and the data has come to be seen as a on the main stage definitive picture of the key is still a big buzz metrics for the industry. It’s great for me.” to be associated with something that is eagerly awaited each year as a key milestone. McIlheney at the 2016 ISPA Conference & Expo. 64 PULSE ■ October 2017 (cONtINUEd ON PAgE 66)