Pulse October 2017 - Page 64

A Day in the Life! by KELLy HEItz & AmbER PHILLIPS The life of a spa professional is a continuous cycle of daily responsibilities that help make the spa world go round. Pulse asks ISPA members to give us a sneak peek into their daily lives to help us understand the roles they play and the difference they make on a daily basis. ★ 12:30 pm Tweet, Facebook and Insta some crazy-fun photos from the morning sessions. #ISPA2017! ★ 1:50 pm Walk the Expo floor, assisting exhibitors with anything they may need, then remember you haven’t had any water today. ★ 1:55 pm Fill up water bottle and chug! ★ 2:50 pm Channel inner IT goddess and help an exhibitor fix their internet. ★ 3:30 pm Afternoon Professional Development Session rehearsals, which involves last-minute slide changes. Speakers don’t always know how to spell. All joking aside, ★ 4:25 pm Ask attendee The ISPA staff clowning around for Red Nose Day, a holiday that strives to the ISPA Staff loves the end child poverty. to not climb on ISPA excitement of Conference Foundation Auction he lights! The sounds! The food! involves frantically week. If you ever have any risers. questions or need help with The ISPA Conference & Expo is a calling missing anything, a member of the ★ 4:40 pm Run to speakers who magical place, but behind the staff is always there to assist the restroom for the might have had too scenes, dressed in black, are 20 fast- you. If you see one of us first time today and much Vegas fun the talking, hard-working ISPA staff members in a black IGNITE shirt, stop and say hello! enjoy some FarmHouse night before. who are working around the clock to Fresh goodies. make sure your experience is unforget- ★ 9:20 am Welcome ★ 5:15 pm Meet with catering table. For the ISPA team, Conference is ISPA members and attendees team to go over completed day numbers the culmination of a year of hard work. to the General Sessions, which always It’s a time for us to bond as a group, meet involves explaining why the room is so ice and prepare for next day. Then meet with bell staff to collect left over Room Drop and mingle with members we’ve been cold. bags, and check in with security to ensure working with all year, and, yes, have a ★ 11:05 am After wiping tears from an all ISPA areas are secure. little fun, too. Here’s a glimpse into a inspiring General Session, rush to the ★ 7:00 pm Double check all signage typical day at Conference for an ISPA staff Expo floor to prepare for daily opening. needed first thing tomorrow is in the member. ★ 11:15 am Greet attendees as they proper place before headed to dinner with enter the Expo floor and watch as they ★ 4:45 am Stumble out of bed, take a the ISPA team. Delicious food, drinks and marvel at how we always seem to be in deep breath and get ready for the day. team bonding are the perfect way to wind two places at once. ★ 5:30 am Chug a coffee while running down the day. to the Staff Office. ★ 12:00 pm Head to Staff Office to eat ★ 9:30 pm Head back to the room and lunch ★ 6:00 am Full ISPA Staff Meeting to soak in the fabulously humongous hotel tackle important items and create a game ★ 12:15 pm Get a call to head back to tub. Essential oils and bubbles are a must. plan for the day’s events. the Expo floor to tell an exhibitor about ★ 10:00 pm Dive into bed and prepare to the no drone policy. That’s ok, super ★ 7:15 am Professional Development do it all over tomorrow! n heroes don’t eat that much anyways. Session rehearsals, which inevitably T 62 PULSE ■ October 2017