Pulse October 2017 - Page 55

Leadership 2017 Innovate Awards Innovative Spa Management the Milagro Spa & Salon ILANA ALBErICo PAtrICIA LAuS n CEo n FouNdEr & CEo Losing three spa team members in a two- Innovative Spa Management began offering the unique year period can seriously affect the moral and valuable benefit of unlimited PTO to all and spirit of such a tight-knit group of salaried employees in 2014 and has seen people. To help the team cope, The Milagro incredible results. Spa and Salon’s leadership team decided to host “We found that our highest producing a smudging ceremony to help cleanse the mind, managers took approximately 3.5 body, spirit and physical space of unwanted weeks of paid time off,” says Ilana negative energies. This was a unique way to help Alberico, ISM’s CEO. “Those who did ISPA not take enough were less productive, as well as INNovAtE the team through a very difficult time, to honor those they had lost, and to invite peace into their those who took more. ISM provides our guests a AWArdS lives. relaxing environment to de-stress and we want to “It was a provide our associates with the same opportunity to beautiful ceremony take care of themselves; this way we can promote self- an HX[H\^[Y[BX[[H[\[Y[[X[[\X\˸'B\XX]]K8'H^\]XXBٙ\[[[Z]Y^[\YY\H\[x&\\ۂ]\[\[Sق[\[ܙX]\H\[[][ۈ]Z\HZ[YܛH[\X]\ˈ]\[\ܝ[TH]Z\\X]\]H[YB[ۋ8'HX\وB\\HZ\Y\Z[[[][ۜ\[ܙ\B][\\]X[YBZ\\[\˂[\]\H\B\[Y\[H[BY[[وHY[Hݙ\[HXK'B[[B[Y\[’PS\SPS[ S\[Y\[\XYH[[\HXY\[[[›YX[[ٝ[[\Z[XH[\ۋBY[[[]X]]\[Y[YB[[YHX]]\ܘ][ۋ[\\[[[]][ܙ[XY]XB M[ݘ]H]\™\[ˈZ\8'^HۙK[ۙx'HYH[[ܘ[H\YX\ٝ[[[[XYY\\\[[Y^X%\H[ۘ\]\Y\[\ݙ\ Y\\B[Y[ۙH][ۋX\ܙY L Xܙ\و[[ݚYY؜܈[Y\™܈ H^\˂Z\[Y\[Y\ܘ[H\ݚYYؙ\ M¸SBL