Pulse October 2017 - Page 42

PArt tHrEE oF tHrEE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SPEAKERS dre Baldwin Favorite book: The 48 Laws of Power by robert greene ExPErtISE: LEAdErSHIP Last great place traveled: philadelphia! Session: “Discipline: Conquering and Owning the Third Day” Favorite thing to do in Las vegas: Walk the Strip and take photos and Snaps. Favorite podcast: Work On Your Game podcast by me! My inspiration: accomplishing as much as i can while i’m here. Best part of my day: Waking up! greatest lesson I’ve learned about business: Solving problems = money. Favorite breakfast: Bananas and water. If I could be anyone else for a day I’d be: Me, 10 years ago. Favorite book! Anna Moine Best presentation I’ve attended: every presentation i do! Favorite book: i love reading! it’s so hard to pick one, but i would say Scandinavian noir (Jo nesbo, anita lackberg) are my favorite détente books. ExPErtISE: rEtAIL Session: “The Art of Retail: Merchandising and Display Tools to Create an Engaging Retail Environment” Last great place traveled: i love the Basque region that straddles france and Spain, and it happens to be where my family was originally from! Favorite thing to do in Las vegas: Vegas is not one of my favorite places so i would have to pick eating at great restaurants. Favorite podcast: i am old fashioned and don’t listen to podcasts. i much prefer a hard cover in my hands over ear buds. My inspiration: The wonders of nature—whether it’s an egret fishing or a stunning sunset. Best part of my day: My first cup of coffee brewed by my husband. greatest lesson I’ve learned about business: never take yourself too seriously. Favorite breakfast: a warm croissant from the boulangerie. If I could be anyone else for a day I’d be: aung San Suu Kyi—even in the greatest adversity she has never relented in her quest to free her people from dictatorship. Favorite breakfast! 40 PULSE ■ October 2017 (cONtINUEd ON PAgE 42)