Pulse October 2017 - Page 33

On the Run. SANITAS Floating on Air Sanitas Skincare esthetician performing a contouring and sculpting anti-gravity facial with exfoliation, massage and peptides. Feel the Vibrations. THE LODGE AT WOODLOCH Don’t Forget Your Greens! Attendees at The Lodge at Woodloch’s booth receiving a salt stone massage and learning about farm- to-spa innovations from Woodloch’s resident “farm-acist” Derrick Braun. (308 :063 #64* /&44 #&"65* '6-- : (S P V QP O I T  M P D B M  NB S L F U J O H T P M V U J P O T  G P S  T QB T @  T B M P O T @  G J U O F T T @ B O E XF M M O F T T  B S F  I F S F  U P  I F M Q Z P V  T V D D F F E  3F B D I  D M J F O U T @ CP P L  B QQP J O U NF O U T  P O M J O F @  B O E NV D I  NP S F  7J T J U  HS P V QP O  D P N NF S D I B O U TECHNOGYM Technogym specialist offering athletic performance training with the SKILLMILL, the first machine to allow everyday athletes to improve their power, speed, stamina and agility in a single product. 4U P Q CZ  P V S  CP P U I  B U  * 41" U P  M F B S O  NP S F A journalist experiencing the sounds of spa on âme Spa & Wellness Collective at Turnberry Isle Miami Resort’s soundwave massage table experience, which uses dynamic acoustic stimulation to provide a new anti-stress experience. TURNBERRY ISLE MIAMI RESORT