Pulse October 2017 - Page 52

SUCCESSSTORIES you not to wear them because they aren’t good for your feet, yet everyone does. That’s why we created Freedom. We’re making natural normal, and that doesn’t have to be weird.” Discovering that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers antiperspirant an over-the-counter drug was what further fueled Kaganovsky to make it her mission to educate people on this. Shocked that this isn’t clearly communicated to consumers, Kaganovsky makes it clear that she is building a brand and company that people know they can trust, with the goal to create products that women and men enjoy. “We get so much through what we eat, breathe and drink – if we don’t know the cause, something is bound to wake the cancer up,” Kaganovsky remarked. “We at least know that the natural stuff is good for you.” Partnering with organizations like the American Cancer Society, The Caring Place and Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, Free Brands makes sure to give back to organizations that are working toward helping individuals with breast cancer. “I thought, if this started because of cancer, we’re going to give back to cancer,” Kaganovsky stated. “We’re making it cool to LEARNING BES T PRA CTICES MAKES PERFECT T. . experienceispa. com/ispa-academy CONTINUED FROM PAGE 48 go natural, and we’re making it easy.” Discussing preventative measures for breast cancer like eating well and being kind to your body, Kaganovsky was firm on advising women to request ultrasounds along with their mammograms. “When they ultrasound the breast, they can see more.” She said. “This is especially the case for younger women whose breasts are denser, making it harder for doctors to obtain the most accurate results.” Being so keen on making her product “normal” to buy and use, Kaganovsky wants to raise the consciousness to spas and fitness centers. Her first retailer was a spa, which made it presti- gious. And after selling out at a Four Seasons in two days, Kaganovsky knew this was the right market. “Working women want nice things,” Kaganovsky said. “So I wanted this to be a gift because it was a gift to Cindy, and spas were a perfect fit.” Cindy, alive and well and still fighting, (she recently fought her fourth battle with breast cancer) is showing women everywhere that knowledge sharing truly is power. n