Pulse October 2015 - Page 86

A Day in the Life! BY ALEXANDER MENRISKY The life of a spa professional is a continuous cycle of daily responsibilities that help make the spa world go round. Pulse asks ISPA members to give us a sneak peek into their daily lives to help us understand the roles they play and the difference they make on a daily basis. between scholarship recipients and the broader industry. In turn, this fosters a networking habit crucial for young professionals entering the field ISPA with spa veterans. “Meeting ION FOUNDAT CHI C A B A professionals and being T Y R MA SHIP SCHOLAR involved in the discussions COand research on the topics that T RECIPIEN matter to the future of spa business provide newcomers with a sense of community. In the future, they can turn to this network when in need of ANNE-LIISE VERPSON inspiration, useful advice or a skillful Spa Student, University of Tartu partner,” she says. “Such a mutually Pärnu, Estonia rewarding combination of relationships and activities provides strong foundan the process of earning a tions for sustainable industry progress.” master’s degree in Wellness and Verpson hopes to use this experience Spa Service Design and to help her facilitate partnership projManagement at the University of ects, specifically between the ISPA Tartu in Pärnu, Estonia, Anne-Liise Foundation and the Estonian Spa Verpson learned about the ISPA Association in order to help develop Foundation Mary Tabbachi Scholarship international spa relations for future genand its mission from the ISPA website. “I erations. More importantly, she plans to admire [ISPA’s] generosity in supporting directly relate her experience to younger newcomers with an incredible scholar- I ship that would help novices like me to reach our career goals and contribute to the development of the spa industry,” Verpson says. She applied for the scholarship while on a three-month internship in Italy. The interview took place a day after her arrival back in Estonia. “My preparation for the interview started when I began my studies in the spa and wellness field a few years ago,” she says. “When the scholarship interview took place, it was my chance to let the [selection committee] know of my general knowledge of the industry and where I see myself in this big picture.” For Verpson, ISPA’s scholarship opportunities are an integral part of the future of the spa industry, creating the ability to forge strong connections 84 PULSE ■ October 2015 spa students, who one day might follow in her footsteps. “I would like to arouse the enthusiasm of novices in the field and encourage them to work on their dreams rather than stay at home and hope that one day they will do something,” she says. On the day she received the news about her selection as one of this year’s ISPA Foundation Mary Tabacchi Scholarship winners, Verpson recalls a simple time spent with family that was made more memorable after receiving a much-a waited surprise in her inbox. ★ 10 am Worked in the garden and dug up beds for beans and peas gathered during a trip to Italy. ★ 4 pm Visited her 97-year-old grandmother for some candy, in exchange for a back massage and news about her internship experience in Italy. ★ 9 pm Received an email announcing her selection as a co-recipient of the 2015 ISPA Foundation Mary Tabacchi Scholarship ■ Tips for a Successful Application Verpson offers the following tips to help spa students interested to apply for next year’s ISPA Foundation Mary Tabacchi Scholarship ace the application process. ● Compile a thorough professional resume. This should include all of the steps and achievements on your educational and career path that you consider significant in reaching your goals in the field of spa and wellness. ● Start gathering useful documents (e.g. school diplomas, reference letters) as soon as the application process is declared open. That way you can be operating within an adequate time frame. ● Have properly functioning digital devices and a reliable Internet connection for the Skype interview. VISIT experienceispa.com to learn more about the ISPA Foundation Mary Tabacchi Scholarship.