Pulse October 2015 - Page 85

Supracor, Inc. supracor.com | 1.408.432.1616 New product or product line: The Stimulite® Dual-Sided Bath Mitt features two mitts in one for the ultimate spa ISPA BOOTH NUMBER: 826 experience. Uniquely versatile for body exfoliation and massage treatments, Supracor’s new dual-textured Bath Mitt features a softer lavender and firmer green side of Stimulite honeycomb. Designed for easily reversing sides on either hand, this dual-sided Bath Mitt stimulates blood flow to enhance circulation and promote cellular regeneration. Naturally antimicrobial and allergen-free, the flexing action of the honeycomb cells gently removes dirt and dead skin while their massaging action helps to promote lymphatic drainage and eliminate the toxins that produce cellulite. Ideal for pre- and post-waxing and spray tan preparation. Reasons for attendees to explore your booth: Stimulite spa products cleanse, exfoliate and massage your clients’ skin while promoting health, relaxation and well-being. Products are naturally antimicrobial, allergen-free, nontoxic, longlasting, washable and completely recyclable. Supracor will customize any package of its luxury Stimulite skin care and spa products, which include attractive, compact countertop displays, at show special prices to meet retailers’ needs. VitaJuwel USA vitajuwel.com | 1.925.291.7490 New product or product line: The brand-new gemwater bottle VitaJuwel ViA is your personal spa on-the go! It comes with an exchangeable gemstone pod and is the most beautiful way to inspirit drinking water.ViA is already a bestseller in Europe and a great way for spa customers to start thinking green and stop using plastic bottles. Designed in Germany and available in 17 fascinating gemstone blends,ViA is the high-quality companion for extraordinary trips. Simply jewelry for water! ISPA BOOTH NUMBER: 1135 Reasons for attendees to explore your booth: Did you know that the true meaning of spa is “Health through Water” (Sanus Per Aquam)? Water is the elixir of life and an essential component of holistic spa treatments.VitaJuwel is the exclusive manufacturer of handcrafted gemwater accessories. Sample several fascinating blends of gemwater at the VitaJuwel booth! Place Your Brand in Front of the Decision-makers. Advertise in Magazine. CONTACT Whitney Elswick Sales Manager • 1.859.226.4372 whitney.elswick@ispastaff.com SPECIAL PULSE ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT