Pulse October 2015 - Page 74

ASK THE EXPERT DR. PAMELA PEEKE GENERAL SESSION SPEAKER Internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Pamela Peeke is one who walks the walk. An avid athlete, she founded The Peeke Performance Center for Healthy Living where she conducts Peeke Week Retreats and helps transform the lives of many. She is also the author of several health books, including Fight Fat After Forty and The Hunger Fix. At this year’s ISPA Conference & Expo General Session, she will bring her unique brand of high-energy talk on braving a new and high-tech spa world. OCT. 19 MONDAY, PULSE: Why do you think the spa industry should embrace technology for healing and joy? Dr. Pamela Peeke: Technology is now an integral part of life globally. When it emerged, there were no rules of engagement nor were there limits and boundaries placed on how, when, where and by whom it should be best utilized. Health clubs create smartphone-free zones, yet the treadmills and ellipticals have cardiovision and interactive programs. Children are weaned on technology, mentored by adults whose gaze is locked on screens. This is an intergenerational tech journey that profoundly affects every aspect of our waking and sleeping hours. It is, therefore, imperat ive to become knowledgeable about how to master its use for our optimal wellness. P: Of all the latest technology, which one, in your opinion, is the most important for the spa industry to embrace? P: Technologies that support the ability of each individual to experience a cosmic consciousness and connectivity, transcending beyond the physical self, expanding infinite possibilities are most important. Louie Schwartzberg’s brilliant time-lapse visuals are one of my favorite vehicles for people to inhale impossible beauty along with a shared sense of human72 PULSE ■ October 2015 ity. Science shows that this kind of modality can decrease stress hormone levels and, by doing so, reduces the risk of disease. Similarly, overall mental performance is enhanced when cortisol levels are managed. Further, controlled stress hormones increase the brain’s neurogenesis and interconnections. Spacoustic is another example of a similar program using audiotherapy to treat mood, stress and augment sleep. Sonos is an extraordinary sound system for the spa or home environment completely controlled by a smart phone. Playing ambient or spa music throughout a home or work environment is relaxing and healing. P: Why do you think there are some people who fear or are uncomfortable with the idea of merging technology into the spa world? P: Tech culture represents an external messaging system and as such, can be perceived as an intrusion. You read on a mobile device screen and gather data. You plug in and listen to learn or be entertained or get physical with limitless music options. However, so much of spa culture involves the teaching of how to turn this externalizing off, and to go inward and become mindfully aware of inner thoughts, fears, joys and challenges. But there are distinct, new technologies that facilitate that inward journey. These involve innovative technologies that