Pulse October 2015 - Page 72

MARIE PICTON Executive Manager, Spa Services Elmwood Spa Toronto, Ontario Canada For Elmwood Spa Executive Manager, Spa Services Marie Picton, the article “Innovation Process: Turning Ideas Into Reality” published in the January/February 2015 (Shaping the Future: Predict Your Future by Creating It) stood out from the rest. “[In this feature, Ancient Cedars Spa at the Wickaninnish Inn Spa Manager Andrea Fisher] said: ‘Innovation happens when new ideas are researched and applied into practical use for business growth,’” Picton recalls. “I found this quote really interesting because in the spa industry, we always ask ourselves: ‘How do we keep innovating?’” For Picton, a focus on innovation reaffirms Elmwood Spa’s process because she and her team always look for ways of doing things better. “When it gets down to it, we need to ask ourselves if the new process is actually doable and effective for everyday use, and does it tie back in to our vision in terms of what we’re trying to achieve as a company?” Picton says the lesson about innovation learned in Pulse is something she and her team implement on an ongoing basis. “We started the technological innovation process with the Elm Tablet as a communication tool. Due to multiple floors, and the high volume of people we have in the spa, this made sense,” Picton says. She adds that, as part of their innovation process, she and her team believes in regularly revisiting how they are doing things, tweaking what needs to be tweaked, and most importantly, under- standing that it’s reasonable to pull back or stop something that is proven ineffective. “You have to be open to act on all three,” she says. ■ WHAT’S YOUR favorite business lesson learned from Pulse? Let’s continue the conversation on social media using hashtag #PulseLessons.