Pulse October 2015 - Page 69

How do you see yourself or brand in another 25 years? I still keep a foot in the fashion world. In October, Bellus Academy will be sponsoring the “Beauty Behind the Fashion” at Fashion Week San Diego. We’re thrilled to host celebrity hairstylist and TLC’s What Not to Wear hairstylist Ted Gibson as we showcase the relationship between fashion and beauty. As time passes, you begin to see trends and relationships emerge. I love how the beauty and wellness industry gives back to support the next generation of professionals. As president of the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation, I am honored to be part of an industry that changes lives through the gift of scholarships for aspiring massage therapists, estheticians, hairstylists and nail professionals. Times may change but the beauty of giving back is timeless! Just as fashion, beauty and philanthropy were part of my life 25 years ago, I hope they’ll continue to be part of my life and the Bellus Academy culture into the future. Todd Shaw Director of Fitness, Tennis and Spa • The Club Rockin’ the 90s in Style Skinny Brows: Forget Cara Delevingne’s power brows, skinny brows that looked like they were drawn by Morticia Addams took the 90s beauty world by storm. Doc Martens: Thanks to the 90s rising punk and grunge culture, British brand Doc Martens “smelled like teen spirit.” Jelly Sandals: Hello, Jelly-o! Fashionista or not, plastic Jelly sandals were all the rave. Clunky Platforms: Never mind that it takes a Spice Girlswannabe to rock them, the vertigo-inducing clunky platforms were a hot 90s fashion item. Frosted Hair Tips: Before Justin Timberlake brought “SexyBack,” he and his boy band cohorts made spiked hair with frosting tips uber-cool. Are you glad we said “Bye, Bye, Bye” to that? at Las Campanas • Santa Fe, New Mexico In what way have the times changed for you or your brand? I have become a better manager because of the people I worked with. During my early years in a leadership position managing the spas and fitness on cruise ships, these teams showed me that good communication, clear objectives and having fun were the road map to success. What’s your most memorable 90s moment? My most memorable moment was when I boarded my first ship in Miami in 1996 to work as a fitness director at sea. I had never seen a ship before and had no idea what to expect. Six weeks later, they sent me to Spain to board another ship. That was my first international experience. Which 90s trend you swore you wouldn’t be caught in? I loved all the trends! Count me in. Which 90s trend would you like to make a comeback? My long hair! There is a strong sense of carefree and freedom when I look back at those old pictures, probably because I really didn’t have any responsibilities then. How do you see yourself or brand in another 25 years? I am going to strive to continue to learn and associate myself with talented individuals over the next 25 years. I would like to see myself supporting younger people when I am 70 in their success, managing facilities that support preventative wellness and engaging our world in this movement. ■ Todd Shaw learned early to work hard and play hard, seen here with an Elvis impresonator and cruise ship crew. October 2015 ■ PULSE 67