Pulse October 2015 - Page 68

What’s your most memorable 90s moment? My most memorable moment was definitely in 1996 when my brother, Attila, and I moved from Budapest to Vancouver, British Columbia. Which 90s trend you swore you wouldn’t be caught in? I may or may not have frosted my hair… Which 90s trend would you like to make a comeback? My hair! I had more of it then! How do you see yourself or brand in another 25 years? Back in the late 1990s, the Koronczay brothers, Boldijarre and Attila, channelled the goofy Butabi brothers and their cool hairstyles in the hilarious movie, A Night at the Roxbury. Attila and I envision that the charitable initiatives of our brand, such as Forests for the Future and Éminence Kids, would make a real difference in the world. In 25 years, we want to have planted enough trees to reforest the Amazon rainforest. We also want Éminence Kids to be in every country worldwide, replacing all fried, processed foods in hospitals with natural, organic, Biodynamic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables. As far as our vision for the Éminence skin care line, our brand will grow and evolve to feature all Biodynamic and non-GMO ingredients in our products. Lynelle Lynch President • Bellus Academy The Academy of Beauty & Spa • Poway, California In what way have the times changed for you or your brand? The 1990s may be remembered as a time of big hair and bold fashion, but the decade was most influential in shaping my passion for connecting the worlds of fashion, beauty and philanthropy. In the early 1990s, I was ma naging Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Southern California and getting involved with local arts organizations. When I took over the Bellus Academy locations, one of my first priorities was to give the schools a makeover; not just in terms of the educational experience but the look of the schools. I knew we were on the right track when San Diego Magazine referred to Bellus Academy as the “Harvard of beauty schools!” What’s your most memorable 90s moment? My favorite moment was the reopening of Saks Fifth Avenue in San Diego. It was an opportunity to connect fashion with the power of philanthropy. Instead of an evening gala, I launched a special opening day event that benefited four charities. The event exceeded all sales records, bringing in US$325,000 in sales. The event was a new model for the fashion store’s openings and it represented the return of an iconic retail brand to San Diego. Which 90s trend you swore you wouldn’t be caught in? I really didn’t enjoy the 90s grunge look. 66 PULSE ■ October 2015 Lynelle Lynch, seated, recalled the 1990s as an era of "go big or go home" hairstyle. Which 90s trend would you like to make a comeback? A well-groomed look never goes out of style. Some of the models who were just becoming popular in the 1990s—Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, for example—look just as beautiful and timeless today.