Pulse October 2015 - Page 67

Angela Cortright Owner • Spa Gregorie’s Newport Beach, California In what way have the times changed for you or your brand? Plus side: We no longer have to explain what “spa” is. We are not a hot tub! Down side: A lot more spas in the market so we are less “unique.” Above: Cortright was all smiles as she celebrated her 50th birthday. Right: Melanie Edwards (middle) with the Cortrights, Angela and Chuck, during the early years of Spa Gregorie’s. What’s your most memorable 90s moment? My most memorable moment was opening our first and flagship spa in Newport Beach, California. Which 90s trend you swore you would’nt be caught in? Conspicuous consumption. Which 90s trend would you like to make a comeback? Beanie Babies—I still have a garage full of them! How do you see yourself or brand in another 25 years? The venerable old standard in the community. 2015 ISPA VISIONA RY AWARD RECIPIEN T Jeremy McCarthy Boldijarre Koronczay Group Director of Spa • Mandarin Oriental Hotel CEO • Eminence Organic Skin Care Group • Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada In what way have the times changed for you or your brand? In the 1990s: Fitness was “aerobics.” Yoga was weird. In what way have the times changed for you or your brand? Now, more people understand what organic and Product brands were in the background. Asian spa therapies were exotic. Couple’s treatment rooms were almost unheard of. Replacing tennis courts in hotels, spas were an amenity, not a business. Biodynamic means. In the 90s, I had to explain what these words actually meant. People now realize the value of natural, non-GMO and organic ingredients. The education we focus on now is making sure end-consumers realize that our health is internal and external—meaning, nutritional value, health and lifestyle encompass what we put on as well as what we put in our bodies. What’s your most memorable 90’s moment? When I opened my first spa in the early 90s, I was instantly hooked on this career. But when I mentioned my aspirations to an executive in my company at the McCarthy during his early years time, he said: “Forget about spa as a working at Four Seasons Punta Mita in Mexico. career. Spa is just a fad. Today every hotel is putting in spas, but five years from now, it will be something else.” Despite the discouragement, I decided to continue working in spas, until something better comes along. That was 25 years ago—and nothing better has come along yet! How do you see yourself or brand in another 25 years? The pace of change is so fast now that I think we can’t even imagine what the world will be like 25 years from today. But I do think high-touch services, such as spas, will continue to be in demand. From a handful team members during its annual business meeting in 1991, the Eminence Organic Skin Care team has grown in numbers to become the "one big happy family" that it is today. October 2015 ■ PULSE 65