Pulse October 2015 - Page 66

Left: Segerberg during her years of service as ISPA Chairman. Top: Segerberg (fourth from left) shared a light moment with Juanita Corbett, Gayle Brady and Martha Ashelman during an invitation by the Italian Tourism Board in 1993 in Italy. Jane Segerberg President • Segerberg Spa Consulting, LLC Saint Simons Island, Georgia In what way have the times changed for you or your brand? We now have a community. When I first started working in the spa industry, there were only a few lone players involved. The general public didn’t have an idea of what a spa is (except for looking for a hot tub), and as an ISPA Board member, I had to beg the press to be interested in ISPA and spas. Now, “spas” have become a respectable household word and are sought-after for relaxation and stress relief. The press now clamors for spa news and we have many resources, great leadership and contacts to help us meet challenges and explore new ideas. What’s your most memorable 90s moment? My most memorable moment was attending the very first ISPA Conference at Turnberry Isle Resort & Club in Aventura, Florida in 1991. Long-lasting friendships were made at that first meeting. We were all so happy to see and interact with others in the industry, gain inspiration from Deborah Szekely, hold hands, play beach games and look forward to an exciting future. The second most memorable moment was being 64 PULSE ■ October 2015 called and asked to be on the board of ISPA soon after that first Conference. I have not missed an ISPA Conference in all of the 25 years. Which 90s trend you swore you wouldn’t be caught in? Platform shoes—they were a throwback fashion to the 70s. I tripped and fell off them back then in college, splat on the sidewalk! Tried them on again in the 90s and fell off again. So never again! Which 90s trend would you like to make a comeback? Loved rollerblading—and it is making a come- back. With friends and children, we used to take our Rollerblades everywhere we traveled—from Central Park to the Golden Gate Park, and many more places in between. How do you see yourself or brand in another 25 years? In 25 years, as an octogenarian, I hope to still be hiking mountains, involved as a leader in the spa community, and be as wise as Deborah Szekely! I see the spa industry becoming more and more accountable for the information that it distributes and for the treatments that are offered. ISPA has done a wonderful job of presenting valid facts and information from its studies and surveys, and I see this as the basis of all things “spa” as we move forward.