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MARKING A MILESTONE (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 60) THE MARSH, A CENTER FOR BALANCE AND FITNESS Minnetonka, Minnesota A fter a year of careful planning and building, The Marsh, A Center for Balance and Fitness opened in 1985, the culmination of owner and Executive Director Ruth Stricker’s 58 years of work in YEARS health education. Combining ! private membership with public access and blending Western medicine with holistic therapies, The Marsh has remained true to its mission while still developing innovative treatments. “We refer to The Marsh as ‘a place, a community and an attitude,’” Stricker says. “It has stayed true to its philosophy and mission of addressing the whole person, practicing life lessons, not perfection. Given that there is always change, its mission has remained relevant and appliClockwise: Front entrance of The Marsh, A Center for Balance and Fitness. Guests enjoying the cable.” scenic view while lounging at the spa. The Marsh The Marsh began with a cardiologist owner and Executive Director Ruth Stricker. and acupuncturist working side-by-side to ously celebrate The Marsh’s past as well diversity of people in the community and emphasize its mission. Eight years after it as look forward to its future. focusing on living healthier lives in differopened, The Marsh underwent a major “We envision growing the ranks of our ent ways. Every The Marsh anniversary expansion, doubling its treatment space health and well-being services with has hosted a visiting speaker who presto 67,000 square feet. This expansion additional mental and health service allowed the center to grow its staff to 200 ents a topic on health and well-being. specialists, and also establishing a and provided room for growth in program- This year, the spa offered a series of lifestyle foundation,” Stricker says. events and activities, some continuing ming and services with a full spa, second “Overall, it is most important for us to annual traditions, such as giving back to dining room, water therapy pool, meditamaintain and protect our warm and tion tower, mental gym, conference center the earth with tree-planting events. All of these activities are designed to simultane- unique The Marsh culture.” ■ and overnight accommodations. Physical therapy personnel were added to the staff, and the gym tripled in size to accommoLONGEVITY TIP: “Have a deep sense of integrity—know who you are, your purpose date new services such as Pilates classes. and mission. Be willing to be unique. Take risks. Follow where the people are. Read the In May 2015, The Marsh celebrated its front page of the newspaper, not just the industry publications. Be part of the commu30th anniversary with the theme “The nity. Create a place where people can just be.” Power of Community,” reflecting on the 62 PULSE 30 ■ October 2015