Pulse October 2015 - Page 47

TIM SANDERS Motivational Speaker, Consulting Expert and Author of The Likeability Factor, Saving the World at Work, Love is the Killer App and Today We Are Rich 2005 ISPA Conference & Expo Keynote Speaker Pulse: What’s keeping you busy? Tim Sanders: I’ve just completed my fifth book, entitled Dealstorming. It will be published Feb. 23, 2016 by Penguin Portfolio. It’s targeted to sales leaders and account executives and offers a process for building a diverse team to solve big challenges through collaboration. Otherwise, I spend my days traveling to speak at conferences and meetings. P: How do you productively manage your time? S: The trick for me is to “single task” (do one thing at a time) and use the Evernote service so everything I do can be synchronized to any of my devices. It allows me to capture all my ideas, information, interviews and project work in one place. The other secret to time management is to push back on projects or “asks” that aren’t on my product, marketing or services roadmap. I still do favors for people, such as mentorship or networking, but I have a strict budget for these things. P: How do you continue to grow your knowledge in your area of expertise? S: Writing new books is a good way to increase your expertise in an area quickly. For my latest book, I’ve read over a hundred books, 1,000 studies and interviewed 200 experts. That’s a lot of knowledge collection! Otherwise, my advice is to schedule regular time, five days a week to