Pulse October 2015 - Page 43

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE GIVEN TO YOU: FAVORITE MOBILE APP: MUST-READ BOOK: Petra Kolber Tanya Chernova Paula Gregorowicz Patti Biro Boldijarre Koronczay Strengthening Your Bottom Line by Elevating your Employees’ Happiness Increasing Sales and Employee Performance Through Effective Goal-setting The Art of Pain-Free Profitability: Adventures in Doing Less and Earning More Get Gift-Card Savvy— Maximizing the Power of Gifting Achieve Your Dreams: Steps to Turn Your Vision into Success Be generous with your knowledge and humble with your success. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect, just start. Some people are going to love you and some are going to hate you—it has more to do with them than you. So just keep being true to yourself. Do what you love and it will never feel like “work.” My mom once told me, “Reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground.” Word Swag Uber MileBug Booker Alarm The How of Happiness Goals! (How to Get Profit First Why She Buys Delivering Happiness BY SONJA LYUBOMIRSKY Everything You Want— Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible) BY MIKE Ԕ4