Pulse October 2015 - Page 40

CANDID RANDI Simplifying Dot Complicated BY MAE MAÑACAP-JOHNSON andi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, knows the pains and joys of building a startup company. “It’s difficult to live in Silicon Valley and not want to have your own startup. When you’re surrounded by so many passionate people solving difficult problems to change the world, every single day, you can’t help but feel inspired to flex your own entrepreneurial muscles,” says the editor-in-chief of digital lifestyle destination, Dot Complicated. Zuckerberg says the rewarding aspects of launching a startup can far outweigh the challenges if one stays focused and persevere ISPA NCE through the hard times. “When you take baby business steps and CONFERE work through obstacles, you can celebrate those small victories KEYNOTE that add up to a greater whole. It’s an amazing feeling,” she says. ER SPEAK 19 OCT. In this candid interview, Zuckerberg offers a glimpse into the MONDAY, lessons she learned, the tech trends she’s keeping an eye on, and why she gives her self a permission to be imperfect. PHOTO CREDIT: DELBARR MORADI Pulse: Can you share some lessons that can help new companies survive and thrive, especially during the critical first few years of business? Zuckerberg: The odds of succeeding as a startup have been said to be one out of every 10 and, according to the U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about half of small businesses fail in the first five years. But failure doesn’t necessarily mean that your business won’t turn a profit. You have to get accustomed to failure. Wayne Gretzky was the highest scorer 38 PULSE ■ October 2015 in the NHL but he also missed the most shots. You have to take risks and have confidence in yourself taking those risks. How someone else ran his or her own company may not be the best way for you to run yours. Make sure to stay educated on your industry. See what else is out there. Listen to podcasts, read books, stay in the game and stay relevant. And never, never, never give up—just reassess and keep on keeping on. Just like a GPS in your car, if you make a wrong turn, you have to recalibrate. Ask questions, get business mentors and believe in yourself. P: How did your previous work at Facebook influence the way you lead, manage and operate your own business today? Z: At Facebook, I noticed a lot of the innovation in online content had been by men for men and I wanted to change that. At Zuckerberg Media, I wanted to target more “wired women”—an emerging demographic of everyone, from young working women to grandmothers, who spend two to three hours a day online. I’d been taking notes from the women I’ve worked with along the way: Diane Sawyer, Tina Brown, advertising legend Shelly