Pulse October 2015 - Page 32

BUSINESS PRACTICES Sanitas Charitable Partners Program T he “Sanitas Charitable Partners Program” supports spas, charities and communities in three ways: by buying back discontinued product and distributing the money to local charities; by compensating its staff for days spent volunteering locally; and by matching funds raised at partner events. “Allowing business partners and team members to choose their own focus means we are able to support a much wider range of charities than we would otherwise. If more vendors and spas were to implement similar programs, the potential to create support momentum for underserved communities and organizations could grow exponentially,” says Sanitas President and Chief Executive Lisa Crary. by Sanitas Skincare #BLANKCANCER by Saxon/Hart 30 PULSE ■ October 2015 A spa marketing and consulting group, Saxon/Hart’s “#BLANKCANCER” campaign has allowed millions of people all over the world to contribute their voice to cancer awareness. Participants were asked to fill out the sign, add their feelings about cancer and share over social media. “It is the only campaign of its kind that allows participants to lend their voice to the fight against cancer in any way they want as artistically, creatively and emphatically as they are inspired,” says Saxon/Hart President Heidi Burkhart.