Pulse October 2015 - Page 31

Bodhi Massage and Visualization H ow do you breathe new life into age-old treatments? “Bodhi Massage and Visualization” experience by Encore Spa at Wynn Las Vegas blends the physical benefits of a massage with the benefits of increased positive mind and energy levels. Massage therapist Mary Weber explains that the treatment “balances the body’s subtle energies by incorporating massage, colored light therapy, essential oils, chakra points, energy work, sound and vibration as well as a guided visualization.” by Encore Spa at Wynn Las Vegas PRODUCTS Body Therapeutics by HydroPeptide “W hile peptides are common in facial skin care, HydroPeptide’s Scientific Advisory Board has identified the peptides that are most effective in addressing a range of body imperfections,” says April Zangl, HydroPeptide’s chief executive and product co-formulator. This inspired HydroPeptide to create “Body Therapeutics,” a body-care range that addresses body-specific concerns, such as stretch marks and scars, blemishes and arm bumps, cellulite, unsightly veins and bruises, slackened skin, swelling and discomfort, and uneven skin tone. Fusion + Studio L iving Earth Crafts’ “Fusion + Studio” combines a massage chair with a multitude of sensory technology enhancements: Zenvi™ Sound Cushion, LED chromatherapy lighting, heat therapy and a security-mounted iPad with Moving Art™ featuring meditative journeys by renowned artist Louie Schwartzberg. “Because there is nothing like it and the experience it offers is immediate and tangible, it functions a 2