Pulse October 2015 - Page 20

MEMBER PROFILE deeply penetrate the muscles and ease the pain and tension. “By using pressure points, we increase the pain signal sent to the brain to stimulate an additional release of endorphins, decreasing the pain in the process,” Quesada says. “In conjunction with the [healing techniques] and the tequila [application], the therapist applies an indigenous sage oil to perform the massage. This wonderful oil has anti-inflammatory, [healing] and depurative benefits, making our Punta Mita massage a really special and complete experience.” 18 PULSE ■ October 2015 Quesada observes, more than ever, guests are seeking local experiences. As one might say, “Why try a Thai massage when in Mexico?” “Guests come and ask us what we’d recommend or what locally inspired offerings we have. This is one of the reasons why our signature treatments are so popular,” she says. Healing Traditions The spa is committed to celebrating Mexico’s healing traditions through treatments like Lluvia de Miel, which fea- tures the use of Mexican vanilla, an ingredient that plays a role in ancient folklore, specifically that of the Totonacas Indians in the south of Mexico. The experience starts with a relaxing massage and a drizzle of a special balsam incorporating vanilla and honey. A warm Vichy shower follows; the treatment ends with an application of a moisturizing vanilla cream. When designing treatments, Quesada keeps the well-informed spa guest in mind. “Guests are more spasavvy so we need to be on top of trends