Pulse November 2018 - Page 60

SNAPSHOT SURVEY How do you keep customer service quality high in an industry where turnover is common? EMPLOYEE TRAINING. The August Snapshot Survey asked respondents about their employee training practices, highlighting what they do to help their employees learn, grow and thrive. Hands-on vendor training was a popular method, utilized by 93 percent of all respondents; virtual vendor training was used by 72 percent. Leadership training was less common, taking place at only 55 percent of day spas, although it was available at 73 percent of hotel/resort spas. Approximately how much is budgeted per employee at your company for training expenses this year? ALL SPAS DAY SPAS HOTEL/ RESORT SPAS $0 10% 14% 10% $1 – $250 23% 29% 19% $251 – $750 29% 25% 32% $751 – $1,250 13% 4% 16% $1,251 – $2,000 12% 11% 11% > $2,000 14% 18% 12% RESPONSE LOOKING FOR THE COMPLETE FINDINGS OF THIS INTERESTING SURVEY? Head to experienceispa.com/resources/research and log in to your account. 58 PULSE ■ November 2018 Most Effective Customer Service Training: “One-on-one training by our lead therapists.” “Employees are encouraged to use the spa facilities on their days off to experience everything from the guest’s perspective.” “Bryan Williams has training videos that are short and effective.” “Role play discussions prove to be the most engaging and reliable way to ensure all issues are unearthed and discussed.”