Pulse November 2018 - Page 53

“The Farewell Party was AMAZING! Already counting down the days til 2019.” — KrIstIna ValIanI Ceo, tHe BeaUty of Hope Chairman Garrett Mersberger delivered the lineup card, Casey Warr stole second base and Michael Pugliese threw out the first pitch at the event, which was sponsored by Eminence Organic Skin Care and Groupon. The Farewell Party once again proved that the ISPA Conference & Expo is so much more than just a Conference – it’s a family reunion. For longtime attendees, it’s natural to view ISPA and its functions from an insider’s seasoned perspective. But for outsiders, the vantage point is quite different. A lack of contextual knowledge and experience lends itself to noticing certain things that an ISPA veteran has simply grown used to. This was the perspective of Pacia Anderson, the St. Louis spoken word artist who blessed us with her breath- taking talents during the opening General Session. As she floated throughout the Farewell Party, Pacia noticed something special about the ISPA family. A writer at heart, Pacia is naturally observant, and fully recognized that she was experiencing something special: “I’m not into baseball, but I am into new, cool experiences – and this was a very cool, new experience for me. It was a great chance to make friends and network while being able to enjoy a part of Phoenix’s homegrown culture under a beautiful night sky. I enjoyed it very much.” Friendship. Networking. These are the joys of being together as a professional family, and they’re what make ISPA special. As the family grows, so does the joy of each reunion; it’s why we can’t wait for next year’s ISPA Conference & Expo. n November 2018 ■ PULSE 51