Pulse November 2018 - Page 51

PULSE IS THRILLED TO SHARE POSITIVE REFLECTIONS from six of the emerging exhibitors: evelyn weddle with ALOHA Collection, Chelsea Jo Conard with Bodhi + Sol, ellen Clark with Control Corrective Skincare Systems, nikki Hynek with Dollup Beauty, lindsay regan with Le Larc and regis Haberkorn with Priori Skincare. REGIS: Without a doubt, the General Sessions left the How was your first experience on the Expo floor? greatest impression on me. REGIS: Our first experience at the ISPA Expo was amazingly ELLEN: Personally, I loved Sally Hogshead. She was stellar! successful. We will surely open plenty of new quality accounts. I am excited to use her personality test with my team at We loved the opportunity to introduce the new Priori Adaptive Control Corrective and continue to follow her in the future. Skincare to the spa leaders and decision makers. LINDSAY: ISPA was a great experience for me and good Do you see yourself returning to the ISPA Expo? exposure for my swimwear line. The quality of the attendees NIKKI: We plan to attend ISPA next year in and the connections I made with potential clients was Las Vegas to continue to grow our spa fantastic. network and connect with the leaders in EVELYN: It was an amazing experience to be “We were the industry. We feel that ISPA is a a part of, as we have networked with so perfect fit for Dollup Beauty and many people and met many potential pleasantly surprised! we're proud to be part of customers. Especially inspiring was the We had real conversations innovating the spa beauty opportunity to be surrounded by industry. such forces in the industry. and connections with new EVELYN: Absolutely! Everyone CHELSEA JO: We feel that this contacts, and we had a great involved with ISPA has made it experience was invaluable, and we an experience we would be have many properties ready to response of attendees very happy to be a part of again. order. It was such a great way to get interested in our CHELSEA JO: We absolutely see our smaller brand out there. products.” ourselves coming back next year. ELLEN: It was great to share over 20 The investment was worth the years of experience providing highly — CHELSEA JO CONRAD BODHI + SOL outcome for Bodhi + Sol. effective cosmeceutical products to people I REGIS: We will surely come back and would have known for years in this industry. love to explore new innovative ways to display and NIKKI: Dollup Beauty has never exhibited at ISPA but felt promote Priori Skincare to ISPA. that it would be a great fit since most of our current accounts are spas. We had a fantastic first experience and enjoyed every- TO SUM UP THE OVERWHELMING POSITIVITY of the thing ISPA had to offer. It was such a joy to begin relationships responses, Chelsea Jo voiced a feeling that resonated strongly and see the positive reactions when we showed them our through the testimonies of each Emerging Exhibitor: “With unique patented makeup case that ISPA had never seen. ISPA being so huge, we weren’t sure what to expect in terms of how much time people would want to stay at our booth to What left the greatest impression on you as an learn about our product and process. We were pleasantly attendee? surprised! We had real conversations and connections with EVELYN: One of our founders had the opportunity to see new contacts, and we had a great response of attendees very Daymond John. His story inspired her to bring ALOHA to the interested in our products.” n next level! November 2018 ■ PULSE 49