Pulse November 2018 - Page 35

SALLY’S SEVEN FASCINATION ADVANTAGES In the workplace, what’s important isn’t how you view yourself—it’s how others view you. Using the lens of personal branding, sally’s research uncovered seven fascination advantages. two of these seven advantages make up your unique fascination advantage; once you know what your primary and secondary advan- tages are, you’ll understand how to stand out as a high performer. 1. INNOVATION you think differently and approach problems from outside- the-box. 2. PASSION you connect with others through emotion. 3. POWER you lead with authority and vision. 4. PRESTIGE you hold others and yourself to high standards and place a priority on quality. 5. TRUST you build loyalty and are a stabilizing element. 6. MYSTIQUE you work best alone and behind-the-scenes. 7. ALERT you ensure that work gets done and pay attention to the details. To learn more about the Fascination Advantage Personality Test, visit www.howtofascinate.com. Kohl has been instrumental in both the growth of ISPA and the growth of the industry for more than two decades. KEYNOTE: SALLY HOGSHEAD Eighty percent of people think they’re a better driver than average. Ninety percent think they’re smarter. Sixty percent think they’re better looking. Yet, only thirty-nine percent think they’re more fascinating than average. Why do so few people think they’re interesting? That’s what Wednesday’s keynote speaker, Sally Hogshead, set out to discover after a successful career in advertising. According to Hogshead, many of us hide what makes us different, unique or exceptional out of fear; however, this is a Day Two highlighted all the ways every attendee can give back to our industry, whether by participating in research, donating to the new Beauty Changes Lives ISPA Scholarship or becoming an active voice in ISPA, like Jeff Kohl, recipient of the ISPA Dedicated Contributor Award. disservice to achieving our true potential in the workplace. Virtually all high-achievers have a unique skill that sets them apart, rather than simply being better at things that other people are good at. Hogshead implored the audience to “lean into” their differences and find their unique fasci- nation advantage. “It’s good to be better, but it’s better to be different,” she said. “Different is better than better.” The second half of that equation is to empower people to embrace their unique specialty. With your own teams, focus on amplifying each team member’s unique strength, rather than hiding or improving their weaknesses. To do this, seek to find their Fascination Advantages, the modes of communication and ways of thinking that makes each person unique. A strong team has a balance of types. For yourself, improve your own communication and personal branding by finding three adjec- tives that describe how others view you, like “curious,” “purposeful,” or “focused.” Amplify those traits, Hogshead affirmed, and you’ll soon see the benefit in how others respond to your communication and your work. n Change a life by donating to the Beauty Changes lives Ispa scholarship. text ISPAHELPS to 41444 to donate today. November 2018 ■ PULSE 33