Pulse November 2018 - Page 32

2018 ISPA CONFERENCE & EXPO MONDAY’S GENERAL SESSION SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 SHAWN ACHOR DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY THE ENERGY WAS PALPABLE AS NEARLY 2,000 SPA PROFESSIONALS—representing day spas, resort spas, vendors, consultants and more—convened in the Phoenix Convention Center Monday morning for the first General Session of the 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo. First-time ISPA Chairman Garrett Mersberger took the stage to formally welcome everyone to Phoenix after attendees watched a crowdsourced video showing the weekend-long buildup to the start of Conference. Mersberger highlighted everything new 30 PULSE ■ November 2018 The Opening of the Expo and How to Achieve True Happiness with Shawn Achor for the 2018 Conference and previewed the topics of the next two days’ General Sessions. He also told the audience a bit about himself—his career, his time in ISPA, his mad Photoshop skills—and encouraged everyone to get more involved with ISPA. Mersberger introduced the family of Lori Hutchinson, winner of the 2018 ISPA Visionary Award, who remarked on the influence, business acumen and generosity of the late Lori. KEYNOTE: SHAWN ACHOR An expert on the science of happiness, Shawn Achor began Conference on a high note with a practical and inspiring keynote on what we all can do to be happy and reach our potential. The first step towards happiness, Achor said, was to understand what it was: “the joy you feel moving towards your potential.” Happiness—not to be confused with pleasure—is a choice that we make, and can be achieved by connecting ourselves with those around us. Only ten percent of happiness can be predicted by outside factors; ninety percent is deter- mined by how you process the world around you.