Pulse November 2018 - Page 27

“Our pay is competitive, but we’re even more competitive because of the additional benefits that employees get by working here.” — HOLLEIGH ALEXANDER-RAMSEY, SPA DIRECTOR, SPA OF THE ROCKIES AT gLENwOOD HOT SPRINgS massage therapy schools to recruit recent graduates. While all three spas agreed that money matters, there are ways to increase your overall compensation package without raising salaries. Spa of the Rockies offers 401(k) options to both full- and part-time employees, according to Spa Director Holleigh Alexander-Ramsey. “Our pay is competitive,” comments Alexander-Ramsey, “but we’re even more competitive because of the additional benefits that employees get by working here.” Those additional benefits include flexible working hours and complimentary access to Glenwood Hot Springs. Of course, there are positions that are simply hard to fill, no matter how spectacular the compensation may be. “We struggle to fill open nail technician positions,” says Alexander-Ramsey. “It’s still considered a lower-paying service provider job, even if the compensation is very good.” So, remember: if you’re doing everything you can to make your spa a desirable place to work and are still struggling to fill open jobs, you’re not alone. Perks and Promotions Chuan Spa invests in its employees by reimbursing them for continuing education expenses. emphasize the things that really matter: “We make sure to highlight the true biggest needs on job descriptions, so our communications are very clear.” Chuan Spa’s attention to detail carries over to the rest of their hiring procedure. Qualified applicants receive a screening interview via phone, followed by an interview with the department manager, before ending with an interview with Myers and hotel leadership. “We have lots of different layers to ensure that we have the right candidate,” says Myers. The three spas also strategically approach where they place their job listings. Both Chuan Spa and the Spa of Colonial Williamsburg post job openings to the ISPA Job Bank; the Spa of Colonial Williamsburg also works with local cosmetology and It’s tempting to let your foot off the gas once you’ve filled a position; however, with turnover being common in the spa industry, it’s crucial to take steps to retain high-performing team members. The three spas concurred on the importance of offering clear performance goals and opportunities for promotion, as well as support for continuing education. The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg has filled four promotions inter- nally this year alone, according to Spa Director Denise Haddaway. Service providers at The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg can be promoted to area leads, and Haddaway fosters a culture of internal career advancement. The spa’s managing company, Trilogy Spa Holdings, also has a profes- sional development program for management-level employees. Myers at Chuan Spa says that he “wants employees to take my job.” To that end, every staff member has a devel- opment plan that notes career goals, clear performance November 2018 ■ PULSE 25