Pulse November 2015 - Page 36

Great leaders know their strengths and weaknesses. While it is important to accept that some of us just have more natural ability than others, it’s equally crucial to know that great leadership qualities can be learned and practiced. The starting point is in knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. HydroPeptide President Steve Peck defines a great leader as “someone who has a winning attitude and a contagious work ethic that make others want to get on board.” For him, these qualities— when combined with a passion for the spa industry—would make anyone an “unstoppable leader.” Adaptability is another key characteristic of great leadership. In all of life, WHAT YOU CAN DO EVERY DAY: what you expect to happen may not happen, but the importance of being able to meet changing circumstances without getting flustered or losing your ability to think and adapt cannot be overstated. “Being flexible and having the ability to go with the flow is of the utmost importance,” says Miranda Moore, spa director at Island Currents Spa at Sonora Resort located in Richmond, British Columbia in Canada. “Things can change in the blink of an eye and having the right mindset to be prepared to accept change at a moment’s notice is the key to success.” Moore adds that great leaders are Take five minutes to think about your strengths and weaknesses, and practice doing something that is on your weakness list. Over time, your habits will change and your weakness list will shrink. STEVE PECK • President • HydroPeptide “Empower your team to provide stellar service even if it means doing something completely outside the norm. A different and magical experience is a great reason for your guest to come back.” 34 PULSE ■ always prepared by gathering pertinent information, such as before meetings or when resolving issues. More importantly, a great leader should strive not to disappoint guests or staff members by over-promising yet under-delivering. Leadership requires courage, sometimes physical but always mental, and is often exemplified by a willingness to do anything that is asked of anyone else. Don’t just sit in your office issuing orders, “stand in at any position and work side by side with your staff” says Shane Bird, director of spa operations at Skana Spa in Verona, New York. “A great leader is someone who has passion, integrity and guts.” November 2015