Pulse November 2015 - Page 30

not need to give an answer immediately) but just listen at that moment to understand,” Acar says. “Active listening creates trust and confidence and is a sign of care.” When arguments arise at work, Acar stays neutral, giving advice to both sides but empowering parties to resolve the issue among themselves. “I do not try to solve it for them but simply follow up on the issue,” he says. When having difficulties influencing someone at work, his solution is to first build trust. “I work on creating trust between us, which can take a long time and requires so much active listening and honesty in all actions and communications, including giving feedback,” he says. In fact, asking for feedback is a leadership habit he tries to practice daily in order to further develop his ability to create influence. But a true test of influence is being able to inspire others to assert their ability to motivate others to act. It is necessary to create an entire environment of influence in which team members are empowered to influence peers and those whom they interact with on a daily basis, including guests. Influencing Guests When spa staff members are empowered to assert their power of influence, they are likely to also inspire guests to take action, especially when it comes to their health. “Spa industry professionals should advocate a message of health and focus on highlighting the role that spas may contribute to guests’ overall wellness,” says Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia, president of Absolute Spa Group based in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. “We want our guests to leave knowing that the Absolute Spa Group team cares about their heath, happiness and well-being. It’s our number one priority.” To do this, the spa empowers its staff to customize its guests’ spa experiences in order to meet individual needs and treat every guest as a V.I.P. “In a competitive industry such as this, it is imperative to create positive, lasting memories for guests, which will ensure their desire to return,” Lisogar-Cocchia says. “As consumers shift their focus to health and well-being, the spa industry should position itself as the center of integrated and holistic approaches to wellness.” — WENDY LISOGAR-COCCHIA • President of Absolute Spa Group • British Columbia, Canada 28 PULSE ■ November 2015