Pulse November 2015 - Page 20

MEMBER PROFILE methods, the team adapts the technologies available to client requirements. Recently, Kurotel’s newly introduced Brain Health program has been especially popular. Designed in partnership between neuroscientists and Kurotel’s own medical professionals, this oneweek treatment program “investigates and addresses cognitive and memory deficits,” as well as issues in workaholism, creativity and humor. The program employs an array of neuropsychological tests and neuron fitness treatments to stimulate neural circuits, focus and associate facts to images and develop cognitive clues to help accomplish tasks. 18 PULSE ■ November 2015 “Just like the body, the brain needs annual checkups to analyze its health and performance, and appropriate treatment and exercises to develop and leverage its cognitive ability, attention and memory,” Silveira says. “Caring, humor and affection are essential for well-being and the perception of life satisfaction. This means reducing stress levels, blood pressure and anxiety, and improving sleep and the immune system as well as family and social relationships.” The client-specific nature of these treatments requires a skilled staff of experts. In order to maintain its highly specialized team, Kurotel recruits carefully. New employees undergo intensive train- ing to learn Kurotel’s longevity program and are encouraged to continue training and education in accordance with medical industry regulations. “We are facing tougher markets in the 21st century,” Silveira says. “The world has changed and the demands are no longer the same. Innovation has become a prerequisite for success and survival in this new world order, and to be innovative and unique, a brain needs training, care and assessment.” Focus on Meditation The addition of meditation treatments has also proven popular with guests. “Meditation has gained scientific