Pulse November 2015 - Page 19

“The technique used at Kurotel is called 'mindfulness,' which focuses on the present moment and 'turns off' the brain, visualizing positive thoughts.” Pharmacy and Kur Cosmetics. The Stress Management Center, opened in 1985, enhanced Kurotel’s wellness concept. The spa continued to invest heavily in medical techniques, staff and technology throughout the 1990s as further expansion included the Diagnoses Center and Kur Longevity Diet. In 1997, Kurotel began operating its Spa and Beauty Treatment branch, firmly establishing its wellness position in the With a mission to promote "Better Health, More Life," Kurotel offers guests programs and products that help promote well-being and longevity of life. Alive) in 2010 and expanding it internationally in 2014. spa industry. It continued adding new components such as Tobacco Control and Kinder Kur, which allowed the center to appeal to a younger clientele. The 2001 Longevity Center and Predictive Medicine phase established Kurotel’s commitment to encouraging healthier, longer lives, and in the early 2000s, the Silveiras began to focus their medical attention in new directions, introducing a post-cancer treatment and Brain Health and Meditation program. Earlier this year, Kurote