Pulse November 2015 - Page 18

MEMBER PROFILE KUROTEL – LONGEVITY CENTER AND SPA Promoting Meditation and Brain Health in Brazil BY ALEXANDER MENRISKY K urotel - Longevity Center and Spa in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, has always operated with one goal in mind: to promote longevity and serve the people with a combination of personal care, natural medicine and the best in modern technology. “For more than 30 years, Kurotel has had the same mission: Promoting ‘better health, more life’ for each and every 16 PULSE ■ November 2015 client that comes through the complex,” says Director Rochele Silveira, whose family owns Kurotel. ROCHELE SILVEIRA Director Kurotel – Longevity Center and Spa Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Looking Back “The dream of having a space to receive people and assist them in their quest for well-being and happiness became a reality in 1982 when my parents, Neusa and Luís Carlos, created Kurotel,” Silveira says. Over the course of the next 30 years, Kurotel has built an expansive range of treatments, adding more and more to its offerings to create a completely holistic medical wellness facility. Shortly after Kurotel opened its doors, the Silveira family introduced Kur