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MARKING A MILESTONE 105 (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 48) RED DOOR YEARS! Stamford, Connecticut T he iconic beauty brand Red Door was born in 1910, nine years before the 19th Amendment was ratified and women in the United States gained the right to vote. With such long and rich history, Red Door’s founder Elizabeth Arden was, by all definitions, an entrepreneurial visionary. An advocate for women’s rights, it has been told that she once marched along with 15,000 fellow suffragettes—all wearing red lipstick as a symbol of strength. In a fitting manner, red eventually became the beauty brand’s iconic color. After she opened her first Red Door Salon on New York City’s prestigious Fifth Avenue, she decided to paint the salon’s door red, which became symbolic for the global beauty brand. “As an industry pioneer, Elizabeth Arden was forced to create everything from scratch,” says Red Door Spas CEO Todd Walter. In fact, in the early days, Arden had to cook up the ideas and formulations of her first cosmetic line in the comfort of her own kitchen. “A key to her success was finding people as passionate as she was in helping others look and feel their best. Her staff was the best trained, and over the course of her lifetime, she opened every new location personally. Today, the quality and consistency of Red Clockwise: Guests at Red Door Spas stayed fit using the hula hoops; the luxurious Red Door Spas' interiors bear the brand's signature red door; and Red Door Spas CEO Todd Walter. “...One woman masterminded the American day spa, destination spa and cosmetic industries as we know them today.” Door’s people remains a competitive advantage in the industry.” Looking back, one of the company’s most historical moments took place in 1934 when Arden opened a destination LONGEVITY TIP: “First and foremost, start with your culture and people. Be disciplined and fill the ranks with people who share your passion. We have found that when we get the culture right, our people take better care of our guests and deliver better beauty and wellness results, which keep them coming back.” spa called Maine Chance Spa. “With this opening, one woman masterminded the American day spa, destination spa and cosmetic industries as we know them today, and enabled Red Door to become the beauty and wellness brand it is today,” Walter said. With the continued growth of the spa industry, it became a natural direction for the skin-care company to officially launch Red Door Spas in October of 1992. This allowed Red Door Spas to independently focus on growth and expand beyond its first spa locations in Washington, D.C. and on Fifth Avenue in New York. Today, Red Door Spas has grown in numbers— 21 day spas and eight hotel/resort locations, with an estimated 600,000 services performed by staff on 330,000 guests annually. “A common misconception is that Red Door is a more mature brand,” Walter says. “In fact, the average age of our customer is 38, and while our primary customers are women, we are seeing an (CONTINUED ON PAGE 52) 50 PULSE ■ November 2015