Pulse November 2015 - Page 49

RANCHO LA PUERTA San Diego, California R ancho La Puerta, based in San Diego, California, was founded in 1940 by the “godmother of spa” Deborah Szekely who—along with her late husband, Edmond Szekely—envisioned a healthy and sustainable YEARS! community. Over the past 75 years, Rancho La Puerta has expanded its facilities and grown into a world-leading health and wellness brand. It is widely considered to be one of the founding institutions of the modern spa industry. It upholds its motto “Siempre Mejor,” which means “Always Better,” at every opportunity to serve its guests. “We started as a tent camp but we are now recognized as a leader in our industry worldwide,” says General Manager Roberto Arjona. “While Rancho La Puerta is a single location destination spa, our brand is recognized and respected by many in our industry.” Arjona identifies Rancho La Puerta’s arrival in Tecate in 1940 and its extraordinary growth in the 1980s as particularly important moments in the spa’s history. Despite the changing times, the spa has continued to stay committed to not only enhancing the lives of its guests through better health but also protecting the environment. The spa traces its green roots to the philosophy of its founders and continues to create many eco-programs through Fundacion La the very ideals that lead to living the Puerta. The spa also launched Ranch Circle, a wellness program that embodies optimal life. To celebrate its anniversary, Rancho La Puerta will honor 75 years of LONGEVITY TIP: “Stay honest with “Helping healthy people get healthier” your principles and values, and don’t by opening a permanent exhibit at a compromise.” local museum showcasing the thou- 75 Clockwise: The modern-day Rancho La Puerta affords its guests a scenic view of nature; outdoor yoga is offered to guests who want to stay grounded; and an old photograph captured a scene at the pool where guests spent their time to enjoy the sun. sands of Rancho La Puerta staff and leaders who have made the organization successful. The spa further plans to maintain its momentum into the future by cultivating its leading role in health and wellness around the world. November 2015 ■ PULSE 47