Pulse May 2019 - Page 65

Monica Mauro Creator/Designer of Monica Mauro Designs Maggie Rodriguez Founder of Coco la Vie Home Fragrance + Apothecary sacrificing for a dream: “Understanding that it was going to require 100 percent of our attention and resources, my husband and I took the biggest risk we could have. We sold our home, cashed in our retirement and moved to Arizona in order to completely invest ourselves into launching my line. It took us a few months to find our way, but we ultimately started approaching all of the five-star resorts in Scottsdale and were amazed how my line was welcomed with open arms by the spas at these resorts.” shedding Weight to fly higher: “After many years of putting all my sweat and tears into a business, my partner and I ended up in a nasty lawsuit that lasted six months. It ended with me cutting my losses, selling my half and leaving the business. That year was perhaps the roughest year of my life. With my new-found independence, I created the line I’d always wanted: a complete line of home fragrance products as well as a bath and body collection, which now includes amenities for spas, locker rooms and hotels.” WAnt to ShAre YoUr StorY? Visit peopleofispa.com and click “Share your story.” We can’t wait to hear from you! MAY ■ PULSE 2019 63