Pulse May 2019 - Page 59

sound off do you ever Wonder how your peers would handle a situation? Maybe you’re curious what other leaders in the spa industry have to say on a certain subject. In sound Off, we ask ISPA members from differing backgrounds, countries and companies the same question and see how their answers compare. this month’s question: What’s your strategy, tip or trick for balancing administrative time with time spent “hands-on” with customers and staff? Joyce hamPers tiffany nemer ashley salBerg hannah duncan President and CEO g2o spa + salon Assistant Spa Manager five Wellbeing studio + spa Director of Spa omni interlocken Founder/Creator Well Products i achieve balance by “struc- turing” my time, i.e. certain days of the week scheduled for administrative work only. never attempt to “mix” administrative time with “hands-on” time within any given day. it also helps to develop a regular routine with the administrative work, allowing “spontaneity” only on “hands-on” days of the week. for the managers that need the time, we give them one day a week to work from home so they can accomplish what they need to and dedicate the time to their “to-do” list. Then when they’re here, they feel freer to spend time with guests and staff. creating a schedule, then dedicating time to do tasks and time to be with the team. on busy days i am always assisting the team with facility upkeep and spa concierge duties. i remain very hands-on to show the team i am here to assist them. i also make a point to say “good morning” to everyone before disappearing to the office to do admin work. i am a vendor and find this struggle all the time. But i know that i learn the most when i am actually working with the clients myself. So, whenever there is a problem, a concern, or even a new idea, i reach out to the customer directly. it is great to hear all of their ideas and feedback personally. n MAY ■ PULSE 2019 57